Monday, September 3, 2012

Iced Tea Drinkers UNITE!

Coffee and Thee--And Them

The poetic story of one tea-drinking woman and 
three coffee houses.
copyright Charlene Ann Baumbich, September 2012


She invited me
for a cup.
Coffee, of course.
I said yes.
It’s just easier that way.

When I placed
my order,
I asked for a large,
lots of ice please.
Tea, of course.
I don’t like coffee.
No need to explain.
To anyone.

Then began
the spew
of senseless
wordy questions.
Foreign language,
I presume.
To which I replied,
I     want     a     large.


“Coffee” shop
Attached to a bookstore.
Books suck every ounce
of moisture
out of one’s mouth.
I ordered an
iced tea.

Sorry, she said.
We don’t have
iced tea.
It’s out of season.

Do you serve
iced coffee?

Yes, they did.
But that was

That, I responded,
was prejudice.


Take one,
the small sign
near the
coffee punch cards said.
Loyalty program.

I assume
you punch
for iced tea too.

but no.

My iced tea
costs more
than coffee.
I am a
I explained.

It’s just
the rule.

  • Iced tea drinkers unite: REBEL against this irrational prejudice.
  • Share the link to this poem. 
  • Print the verses and meditate upon the injustice. 
  • Let this ridiculousness embolden you to get what you deserve: equal rights for tea drinkers.
  • Coffee drinkers: support your fellow sippers!


Liz Kunkel said...

That's a cute poem. Ice tea should be offered no matter the season. What do these shop owners know? Maybe you should start a campaign on your website and we can all sign it and you can pass it on to the powers that be! We love you Charlene!

Liz Kunkel said...

You tell them that Ice tea has no season and for those of us that love ice tea, it is discrimation! Maybe you could start a petition on your website, all of your fans that are ice tea fans can sign it and you can pass it on to the powerst that be. I commiserate with you.

Liz Kunkel said...

Cute poem! Iced Tea is not a season drink. My husband and I drink it year round. I think you should start a petition on your website, all your iced tea drinking fans can sign it and you can pass it on to the powers that be! Take care.. Look forward to future postings amd musings.