Saturday, May 12, 2012

Everything Old is New Again

Today, as I think about an upcoming event, I'm pondering the truth in the old saying, EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN. From my dress to my handbag, my slip to my jewelry--all old--everything old does feel new again because of the way "the outfit" all came together, and the reason I'm wearing it.

Before I share the details, let me make this clear: I don't care much for dressing up; I like shopping even less. There is comfort in worn jeans and softened sweatshirts. I like socks and my Keenes. I wear things, especially fancy things, until they utterly fall apart, because as much as I dislike shopping and dressing up, I find the idea of maintaining someone else's idea of what's fashionable even more distasteful. Who are they to tell me how I should look any given season, especially when many of the most popular colors make me yawn?

So it was with great trepidation that I started pondering what I "should" wear to this upcoming shindig, an event filled with much joy--and picture taking. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that my main goal wasn't to be perfectly gussied, but to feel good. The event was too important to spend a second of it wishing I had on a more comfortable outfit, or jewelry that didn't catch on my skirt, or a color, that although photogenic, made me feel pasty. So off to my closet I went, to my favorite tried-and-true default outfit, the two-piece one with an elastic waistband, comfy fabric and vibrancy.

I called the girlfriend who was with me when I bought it, at least twenty years ago. The fabric is a washable rayon. I told her that although the garment was somewhat thin by now, it still looked nice. And this is why I love her. She didn't give me the ol', What? No new dress for this? "Just wear a good slip," she said. And I have one. As old as the outfit, but still in good shape.

I mentioned to her that I'd also drug out another blue-gray two-piece outfit from that same era. It had a funky uneven hemline, and guess what? Those are back IN! (I don't really care, but this sure struck me funny.) Since I'd recently lost about twenty pounds, it fit me too (and has an elastic waste). I haven't worn it for at least fifteen years. Either one would do. YAY and game on, because then it became about the jewelry, shoes and handbag. 

The bad news: the shoes I used to wear with the vibrant outfit were trashed, and the newer black pumps I owned looked too dressy with the blue-gray outfit for the less-than-formal occasion. Okay, so I had to buy shoes. But once I did (found a nice pair discounted at Steinmart!), off to the Goodwill store I went to find a handbag. SCORE! $3.99, minus senior discount, and all mine!

Last decision: jewelry. No problem-o. I have much lively costume stuff from which to choose, ranging from old to older.

Now, as I prepare to make my decision--as I look at these two fully accessorized old outfits in the mirror--they look brand new to me. But no matter which I select, to be honest, nobody's gonna care what I'm wearing anyway. They'll all be watching the beautiful bride, her handsome groom next to her. 

Her groom. My 47-year-old son. I'll be watching through happy tears, glad I'm comfortable in my clothes and myself. Glad that witnessing sweet new love commit to a lifetime of growing old together never grows old.

Glad about how very much new love makes everything old feel new again.