Monday, September 3, 2012

Iced Tea Drinkers UNITE!

Coffee and Thee--And Them

The poetic story of one tea-drinking woman and 
three coffee houses.
copyright Charlene Ann Baumbich, September 2012


She invited me
for a cup.
Coffee, of course.
I said yes.
It’s just easier that way.

When I placed
my order,
I asked for a large,
lots of ice please.
Tea, of course.
I don’t like coffee.
No need to explain.
To anyone.

Then began
the spew
of senseless
wordy questions.
Foreign language,
I presume.
To which I replied,
I     want     a     large.


“Coffee” shop
Attached to a bookstore.
Books suck every ounce
of moisture
out of one’s mouth.
I ordered an
iced tea.

Sorry, she said.
We don’t have
iced tea.
It’s out of season.

Do you serve
iced coffee?

Yes, they did.
But that was

That, I responded,
was prejudice.


Take one,
the small sign
near the
coffee punch cards said.
Loyalty program.

I assume
you punch
for iced tea too.

but no.

My iced tea
costs more
than coffee.
I am a
I explained.

It’s just
the rule.

  • Iced tea drinkers unite: REBEL against this irrational prejudice.
  • Share the link to this poem. 
  • Print the verses and meditate upon the injustice. 
  • Let this ridiculousness embolden you to get what you deserve: equal rights for tea drinkers.
  • Coffee drinkers: support your fellow sippers!